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Best Time to Visit in Bhutan


Bhutan is an amazing place to visit throughout the year with pleasant temperature and moderate climate with cultural festivals being celebrated throughout the year and plenty of heritage sites provide never ending bliss to the tourists. Bhutan experiences a widely varied climate owing to its location in the Himalayas and the variation in altitudes. The east of the country is generally warmer, but as you go up it gets colder.

Spring and autumn are the best seasons with months between late February-May and September-November, being the best time to visit Bhutan as the flowers starts blooming in this season with the most pleasant climate and is a peak time for tourists who are keen to see the flora and fauna of the country.

Spring Season

The spring season consist of March, April and May in Bhutan. It is the most beautiful season here with pleasant temperature and abundancy of valleys in nature as all the flowers start to bloom during this season. The land ablaze with magnificent assemblage of bright colours of the nature. Valleys are lush green with fresh vegetation during this season. It is amongst one of the two best seasons and best time to visit Bhutan to see its natural beauty.

Various festivals like Paro Tsechu, Punakha Tshechu, Chhorten Kora, Talo Tshechu, Gasa Tshechu, Domkhar Tshechu, Rhododendron are celebrated very enthusiastically by the people of Bhutan in this season.

Monsoon Season

Bhutan receives more rainfall than other region in the Himalayas during monsoon season comprising of June, July and August. The rainfall is moderate in Bhutan with frequently occurring showers. Although showers can occur at night without spoiling daytime explorations, making it advisable to not go hiking or trekking as the conditions are not ideal during monsoon. Sightseeing excursion is still possible. It is suggested to carry an umbrella or raincoat all the time during monsoon.

Bhutanese festivals like Nimalung Tshechu, Kurjey Tshechu, Haa Summer Festival and Matsutake Mushroom Festival are celebrated in the span of monsoon season by the locals here.

Autumn Season

It is the peak season for tourist and more than 80% of travellers visit Bhutan during this season which consists of September, October and November. The months of autumn are filled with clear and crisp skies. It is the best time to visit Bhutan for travelling and trekking as the weather usually remains warm during daytime but can be cold in the evening and snowfall is expected in the higher altitude areas. The grand view of the tallest unclimbed mountains, the solitude of parks, dzongs and monasteries are enough to lure anyone into coming to this majestic land.

There are many festivals here that are celebrated during the Autumn season with Thimpu Tshechu being the most prominent one, celebrated with great spirits in the late September.

Winter Season

The days of winter are cool and sunny, especially December and January. Most of the east-west highway remains snowbound during the winter season especially during the months of December and January and is not considered as the best time to visit Bhutan. These are the coldest months of the year in Bhutan, specifically in the northern mountains. There will be only a few visitors to visit the country during this season but still those of very brave heart can travel to Thimphu, Paro, Wangdue, Haa and Punakha in winters.

The famous festivals held during winters are Jambay Lakhang Singye Cham, Nalakhar Tshechu, Druk Wangyel Tshechu, Trongsa Tshechu, Lhuentse Tshechu, Nabji Lhakhang Drup, Takin Festival and Nomad Festival. One should definitely witness these festivals if they’re in Bhutan during the winter season.

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