Pamper your heart and soul with exciting and peaceful holiday in the mesmerising beauty of Bhutan. Located between the Himalayas, Bhutan is the last kingdom with Buddhism in this world. Bhutan, all over the world is famous for its unique environment and cultural diversity.

There is a myriad of major attractions and experience; travellers can cherish all their life. This place is also known as “Land of Happiness”.

Our tour packages for tourists not only ensure that they enjoy a calm and peaceful vacation at a reasonable price but also tasty food, comfortable accommodation, good shopping sprees and exciting nightlife. The best and major attracting feature to our tour package is that everyone gets for what they have come for, be it couples’ romantic getaway, honeymoon, informative trip on history, sightseeing and excursions. Bhutan offers perfection of every kind of vacation.

Bhutan is a paradox of happiness and difficult to obtain travel permits. Only tourists from India, Bangladesh and Maldives can travel to Bhutan without Visa, through Bhutanese travel agents.

Bhutan was secluded from the rest of the world up till 1960s and travellers can access this country from only two travel points, only by foot. In the matter of two decades, Bhutan has rapidly developed itself with well-equipped road networks and also an international airport at Paro.

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Amazing Bhutan

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Magical Bhutan

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Tour Package of Bhutan from Chennai: Plan an exotic trip to Bhutan for a ravishing and relaxing experience. The distance between Chennai and Bhutan is 2,688.1 Km. Tourists can travel by Chennai-Delhi-Paro or the other option is Chennai-Kolkata-Bagdogra. The travellers can choose the route to travel according to their own preferences. It takes around 4.5-5 hours to reach Bhutan, if one is planning to travel by air. The calm and serene beauty with pleasant climate, Bhutan is a perfect destination for people of Chennai to visit and experience the beauty and cool climate.

Tour Package of Bhutan from Delhi: Bhutan, the country of monasteries, valleys and beautiful mountain peaks with enchanting aura of Buddhism. This is the top most destinations for every traveller who wants to taste the beauty of nature and come in terms with the tradition and culture of Buddhism.

Tour Package of Bhutan from Mumbai: The distance by road between Bhutan and Mumbai is 2,837.9 Km and takes 54 hours to cover the journey. If one wants to travel by train, they can take a train from Mumbai to Kolkata, Duronto Express or there are also many other trains. From Kolkata one can take a train to New Jalpaiguri and then take an auto from here to the main Bhutan. This tour package to Bhutan will make you witness one of the best thrilling experiences in Bhutan and have a memorable trip of your life

Tour Package of Bhutan from Kolkata:  Tourists can travel to Bhutan from here directly by taking a train towards Bhutan or by air to the Paro airport in Bhutan. This trip to Bhutan will make you witness a trip full of nature’s beauty and rich cultural and religious heritage of Bhutan. This place is a perfect getaway for the person, who has keen interest in exploring history of unknown.

Tour Package of Bhutan from Ahmedabad:  Bhutan proves to be an ideal and frolic break from the mundane and business culture prevalent in Ahmedabad as this city has strict industrial mind-set. People looking to escape this dry industrial mind-set can fly to Bhutan to take a break from their regular monotonous life by selecting this tour package.

Tour Package of Bhutan from Bangalore: The distance between Bhutan and Bangalore is 2,877 Km. This tour will take you to the most exotic destinations in Bhutan, where you can see beautiful monasteries, national parks, libraries, textile industries and what not. This tour package will reward you with the most memorable trip ever.