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1. Rafting in Paro Chhu

River rafting is one enthralling water sport which exhilarate every adventurer to embark on a new current every time. But rafting in Paro Chhu is a very different experience. Except racing against the rapids with vicious power, you can glide down the purling river confided by bittersweet and exciting rapids. Also, you’ll be surrounded by the array of exquisite lush green valley where one gets to notice the exotic species of birds flocking everywhere and get the view of majestic Paro Dzong. Every tourist can enjoy this water sport during their visit to Bhutan as rafting in Paro Chhu is now regarded as moderate.

2. Trekking in MT. Jomolhari

Trekking is an amazing adventurous sport which allows you to explore the tranquillity of the nature on foot in the lap of the nature. Mount Jomolhari is bound to give the best trekking experience for endurance travellers. This route is the most famous trekking route in Bhutan and as you trek along the verdant forest, you’ll get to witness a wide range of majestic landscapes and distinguished flora and fauna.

The virgin forest and soaring peeks, yaks grazing as you pass through the high pastures and the ancient and beautiful dzongs which are home to red dressed monk chanting prayers, are certainly the highlights of this Trek. In addition, you can obtain a fascinating view of the Mount Jomolhari from the base camp of the same name. Surrounded by splendid solitude, Jomolhari trek offers the best trekking experience and has something or the other for every kind of traveller.

3. Archery

Archery is played with very high spirits and enthusiasm during various tournaments and festivals as it is the National Sport of Bhutan. Every tourist must see the Archery competition held during the festivals while travelling to Bhutan. The activity has been famous since the late 1920s even before it was declared as a National Sport by the officials in 1971.

Archery is a prominent Bhutanese sport today and every year Archery competitions are held in Bhutan as a sign of festivities and competition. In fact, while celebrating any festival in Bhutan, archery competitions are organised for entertainment purpose.

4. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an exciting eco-friendly sport and Bhutan has abundancy of outstanding trails with majestic landscapes for nature lovers. You can paddle through the bumpy terrain, climb and descent through many villages while taking a little peak into the lifestyle of the local people. You can enjoy this enthralling activity mainly in places such as Phobjikha Valley, Paro Valley, Punakha, Wamrong, Trongsa, Wangthang La and many other locations in Bhutan. However, it is not just the rugged terrain that you can embark on, this route also traverses the beautiful backdrops of the Bhutan.

This expedition also offers an opportunity to witness the charm of the Buddhist culture and visit the ancient Monasteries that falls on the trek. All this excursion on bike while enjoying the beauty of the nature is the best way to see, feel and enjoy this majestic land of Bhutan.

5. Hot spring therapy or ‘Gasa Tshachus’

The relaxation and comfort you get when you dip yourself in hot spring while gazing at the astonishing sight of the surroundings, is unmatched and people crave for such a feeling more often than any one can imagine. There are many such places of hot springs in Bhutan that offer you to rejuvenate your body and mind. All you require is a small trek through the beauty of the nature and lush green forests to reach these hot springs, which are otherwise called as ‘Tshachus’ by the local people here in Bhutan.

Evidently, people of Bhutan have been visiting these hot springs in order to seek or to cure health problem as these as these Tshachus are believed to have healing properties. Winters is the best time to visit these hot springs and they can be found in places such as Gelephu Tchachu located in southern Bhutan, Dur Tshachu loated in Bumthang and Duenmang Tshachu located at the riverside of Mangde chu. Amongst all the hot springs, Gasa Tshachus is the most popular one and a trek of one hour from Punakha is required to reach this hot spring. Hot spring is a fascinating therapy to relax and calm your body and is must obtaining experience if you’re here in Bhutan.

6. Visit the Tiger’s Nest

Taktsang Monastery, or suitably called the Tiger’s nest is an exceptional structure clinging on to a cliff. It is the most popular and best tourist attraction in the land of Bhutan to visit. This Monastery sits at the Upper Paro valley, at a height of 3120 metres above the sea level. Great traditional values are depicted through the structure of this Monastery and it surrounded by great picturesque beauty and lush green forest along with great natural soothing ambience. White building topped with red and golden roof and wooden borders on windows can send chills down your spine with just a glance of the Monastery as you trek through the trail.

A visit here is bound to give you an unforgettable experience with the mesmerising blue sky in the backdrop and lush green hills adoring this century old structure and making it more fascinating and mythical.

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